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    KUSD's Online Learning Academy High School offers 2 programs for students seeking a pathway to graduation and who want to participate in KHS/LWHS sports and events per their zoned attendance area.  Both PASS and KOLA serve grades 9-12.



    PASS serves students who have adult responsibilities, such as living on their own, teen parenting, working full time, caregiving, coping with health issues, as well as those students who have academic factors including behind on credits, age restriction, and previously dropped out. 


    Certified Faculty & Staff

    PASS faculty members are experienced, dedicated, and compassionate.  They have been honored for excellence in instruction and programming at the local, state, and national levels.  They take pride in tailoring each academic plan to meet their students' goals.



    The PASS online curriculum consists of all courses required for graduation.  Our knowledgeable faculty developed each course and aligned it to our students' levels and to the state standards.  Students have access 24/7 via their StudentVue and can participate in instructional support, individual tutoring sessions, and support groups.



    The PASS program’s digital curriculum and distance instructional model provides an educational opportunity for students who need a flexible schedule, mentoring, academic instructional support, individualized tutoring, attendance accountability, and social and emotional support. KOLA is the second program.